Michael McGovern

Originally from Birmingham, I moved eastwards to study theology at the University of Nottingham. Now I work for a cloud-based software company.

I’m probably not much of an academic, but I’m interested in theology for real life, gender issues & identity, modern Catholic thought, Church history, and a little bit of Jewish philosophy (if there is such a thing). I’m a bit in love with Karl Rahner.

I also like things that normal people enjoy like technology, making things, cycling, travelling, movies, cats, and baking. I’ve been trying to learn French since 2002.

I write about things that interest me at xamjam.com and at @xamjam on Twitter. I don’t do Facebook, Snapchat, or anything else.

During the day

I’m a Product Specialist for Current RMS, the coolest cloud-based rental management solution for the AV, events, and broadcast industries.

My job brings me into contact with heaps of interesting people across the world who work on all kinds of exciting events. I provide customer demos & training sessions, respond to support tickets, craft beautiful HTML document layouts, and write content for the knowledge base.

Connect with me for work on LinkedIn or at @heymcgovern on Twitter.

People I like

There are lots of excellent people in my life.

Say hello

If you’d like to get in touch, send an email to hello@michaelmcgovern.co.uk.